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A Mortgage Pre-Approval is the 1st Step in the Process!

Initial Document Review- What to Expect & What NOT to Do!

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The Lowest Rate doesn't always mean the lowest payment!

Your Credit Score and Obtaining a Mortgage

What is PMI and Why do I need it?

Do I have to put 20% Down?

We have many different loan options and some with as little as $0 Down Payment. The downpayment requirement will depend on

your personal situation. That is why we always recommend to do the Loan Application first so we can let you know what programs you qualify for, what the downpayment requirement will be and what your monthly mortgage payment will be. We take a consultation approach to determine what the best loan program is for you.

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How long does it take to close on a mortgage?

From application to loan funding, the average time it takes to close on the purchase of a home is 30 days. We take our borrowers’ closing timelines seriously, and we work hard to close on time. We have closed loans in as little as 10 days and work hard to get your loan closed as quickly as possible.

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When is the best time to lock my Interest Rate?

Rates fluctuate daily, and no one can predict an exact time to lock the lowest possible rate. If you’re comfortable with the monthly payment at a certain rate, you should go ahead and lock. Your mortgage adviser will help explain more about rate locks as you reach that point in the process.

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Pre-Approval V. Pre-Qualification- What's the Difference?

A pre-qualification is just your mortgage adviser’s estimate on your ability to buy a home. It’s based on your credit score and some other self-reported details. A pre-qual may give you a good idea on which loan program fits you best, and maybe even how much you’ll qualify for. 

A pre-approval officially confirms how much you’re able to borrow. Your income and asset documents go through a more formal review. After getting pre-approved, you’re able to take a more serious look at buying a house. If you’re not able to get pre-approved, your adviser will be able to offer some helpful tips on raising your credit score, lowering your debt, or working through any other financial obstacles preventing you from buying a home.

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What Does my Credit Score have to be to get a Mortgage?

It depends on the program. I have even seen some programs that don't require a credit score. For an FHA or VA loan the minimum is 580, however, we can go lower than that with a higher down payment. Conventional loans usually require a minimum of a 620 credit score. The loan program will determine what the minimum score requirement is.

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Should I start with a Mortgage Lender or a Realtor First?

We recommend getting pre-approved with a mortgage lender first. Once you’re pre-approved for a mortgage, you’ll be able to shop with confidence. You’ll know exactly how much you’re able to purchase.

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